The Concept of Learning Digital Marketing Practically

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Have you ever questioned why learning digital marketing is so important? Why do people always encourage you to be as aware of yourself as possible about the digital world?

But before answering why I would like to answer what is “digital marketing“? Let’s quickly jump into it.

In simple terms, digital marketing is just marketing your business digitally on different platforms. 

  • For me, it is similar to what we do locally. We locally market our business to our relatives, friends, the people we know, and sometimes to the people we don’t actually know. That is all called mouth marketing/referral marketing/self-promotion etc.
  • But when the picture becomes wider you grow your business from the earnings you’ve gained from first-time customers. And now you want more customers to buy your product or service locally and internationally.
  • This is the saturation point where most business owners fail to survive in the market only because they don’t follow the trend. They don’t change their traditional marketing system or channels that are no longer needed.
  • This is the situation where digital marketing will help you to introduce your business to a new audience. Digital marketing will help you to maintain your brand image in the market so that no one will forget about your brand and will look for alternatives. 

Being a Digital Marketing student, I know why learning digital marketing is so important in this modern era. So once your why is clear, what’s the next thing you will need to focus on? 

Let me tell you “How you can learn digital marketing practically ?” And for free as well

Learning practical things is not as easy as it looks, most students will look for certification courses, coding courses, and even graduation courses!!!

But Here is the Concept:

Can you become a doctor by enrolling in online courses or certification courses? No. Why do students choose colleges near a hospital to become a doctor?

Well, the answer is very simple and logical, you can learn both theory and practical things which is an essential part of becoming a doctor.

Digital Marketing requires you to follow the same study pattern to look for, to learn digital marketing you should definitely mail to those companies in your local cities who are ranking on the top of SERPs (search engine result pages) when you type the keywords.

And ask them if they are running any internships for freshers. Once you get a positive response from any company you can directly visit that agency. This can save both your time and money at the same time. 

I am not saying that gaining theoretical knowledge is of no use. Eventually, it will help to check your patience level and your interest in this field.

If you learn digital marketing by yourself. Then there are some possibilities that they could hire you on the basis of your learning and skills.

But still, How will you find the best company to learn digital marketing in Indore? What makes a company different from others? 

Here are the questions you should ask when approaching a Digital Marketing Agency :

  • Years of working
  • Niches they have worked for
  • Clearly written the work profile they offer for an internship
  • Will you be provided a manager or do you have to work on your own?

Now, the question is why you should ask these questions to a company. What will it change?

Well in “simple terms” it will help you to know about the company’s background, the work environment, the flexible timing, and how loyal the company is to its employees.

But there is a secret behind asking these questions to a company. According to human psychology when you ask such questions where the answers will reveal the quality of something, it could be anything,       

The one who answers the questions builds a strong personality image of that person who is asking the questions. But make sure you are asking these questions very politely otherwise, it can spoil your first interaction with the agency.

This will make your discussions more mature and those ideas and questions which only arrive at the time of discussions will be more relevant to your topic.

That’s all in this blog.  So, if you are a curious learner like me, if you are an introvert like me, then do let me know in the comment section of this blog. 

  • Is this blog helped you?
  • Did I miss any important point that you might want to add up?
  • Contact me if you also want to be enrolled in a free Digital Marketing Internship in Indore or elsewhere.

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