3 Silly Digital Marketing Mistakes You Make

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If you are an influencer or a business holder or a politician or someone who likes to have control in own hands, then this blog is for you…. We assume that you are doing marketing of your content online you see several platforms such as social media platforms like You tube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp for marketing, then you should know the common mistakes people make while doing marketing on these platforms such as: –

Don’t Neglect or Over Prioritize Hash Tags:-

Hash tags needs to be there, but those who are related to your post, not random one.  On the other hand, don’t use too much hash tags.

Make Content Priority:

Don’t think that you can run anything with the help of marketing. Think for long term… If your content is good, there is a strong chance that it will succeed in future.


If your video thumbnail is such that it is asking the person to open, then you might get more visits on your content than others. Having no thumbnail can be less understood and appealing.

So, these are three mistakes you should avoid while promoting your content on social media… You can also contact a Social Media Marketing Agency in Indore for the purpose.