Magento and eCommerce Being Tight Together.

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Decisions, decisions. Choosing the proper eCommerce platform for your business is often an exceedingly difficult one. But today I would like to specialize in one of the foremost well-touted and widely used eCommerce systems within the world: Magento. There are tons to understand about Magento and its capabilities, but the simplest thanks to getting the large picture, in a nutshell, is by delving into its biggest advantages.

The Magento platform can support up to 500,000 products on one site, and handle quite 80,000 orders per hour. Meaning much space for future growth between one or more different shopping carts on an equivalent site. Thanks to its size and complexity, note that Magento has special hosting needs for optimum performance and cargo speeds. Make sure that you’re prepared for the additional hosting expenses well beforehand.

Magento does a superb job of opening the flow for improved organic traffic. The platform was built with SEO efficiency in mind, giving your products a far better chance to appear on Google, Bing, and beyond. There’s also much room for custom SEO implementations for those that have the knowledge and skills to try to do so.

An intuitive, visual-based page editor allows shop owners to create and customize their offerings on the fly. The choice to toggle a user-friendly content management interface is good for that code-deficient among us who want to control basic functioning within the handcart.

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