Reasons Why The Short Videos Have So Much Craze

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Short videos were initially started by Dubs mash then we have Tiktok then the list is full of different names. All are giving platforms to people to make a short video clip while doing anything they like. People are crazy for these apps worldwide. But how’d they managed to do that? There are reasons which we assume: –

  • They are equally open to everyone and asking everyone to do anything they like, not a single platform. Does it become open for everyone and everyone can do anything on that, the crazy thing is people are doing it very fine and people are liking them too those who are doing silly things. World is a crazy place, isn’t it?
  • They are giving exposure to those who have to struggle years to get recognition. Talking about Indian subcontinent, the short videos gave exposure to those boys and girls who look cute by face and can do a basic acting.
  • They are short so one video lasts a minute which can be interesting.

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